Using Watches to Monitor IBM i

2015-01-20, Meetings, Robert Arce,

Have you ever wished you could have a program run based on a message arriving in QHST? How about being automatically notified of a message in a job log without changing the program? There is a way to accomplish that using IBM i Watches. Kendall will show us how to create a program and start a watch in the OS that will send a message if either of those conditions occurs, or page someone when a remote journal drops or when an object not found message shows up in the job log.


Kendall Kinnear has over 40 years of experience on the IBM midrange, from the System/3 through the System/34 and System/38 to the current Power Systems server. He brings substantial experience from his tenure at IBM, EDS, StorageTek, and Jack Henry and Associates He has been a Systems Programmer, Application Designer, educator, and speaker. Kendall is currently employed as a Systems Analyst at Standard Motor Products in Lewisville, TX.


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